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Gay man: 44y (France) 8.2k visits

355 favs - 5 photos


Man: 32y (India) 2.9k visits

3 photos

hi i am male and looking for a partner in delhi. to have some fun.. feel free to contact on my WhatsApp number.. masti bhari chat krenge.. number international hai banda nhi.


Gay man: 61y (Brazil) 67.4k visits

2 videos - 2 favs


Man: 34y (Brazil) 3.1k visits

6 videos

Gustavo Quero Comer Geral

Man: (Brazil) 2.7k visits

4 videos

32 anos 90kg 1,88 de altura

Wanting Now

Man: 44y (United Kingdom) 37.2k visits

291 favs


Gay man: 35y (France) 11k visits

11 videos - 12 photos

Naturiste sur Nîmes... Naturist boy in Nîmes...


Man: 44y (USA) 4.5k visits

271 favs

I love watching porn,hanging out with close and sometimes new friends.I'm addicted to sex, love making, passionate caressing, and long hard deep kissing. Always down to meet new and interesting people who don't play games and are not rude. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I'm a happy person by nature, fun loving,and eager to learn and experience new, people, places,and things.


Man: 23y (Brazil) 4.2k visits


Man: 43y (France) 7.8k visits

2 videos

mec se fait dominer hard reel passif soumis #Demonter #Plug #Passif #Soumis que par sms et PIC OBLIGATOIRE


Man: 26y (USA) 8.1k visits

1 video - 1 fav

my kik is alfredotovar


Gay man: 48y (Italy) 6.8k visits

4 videos

sono di genova , contattatemi se volete divertirvi con me

Play Play2 Fuck

Man: 26y (Canada) 25.3k visits

10 videos - 1 fav

Solo boy vidéo porno

Bb V69

Man: 39y (Brazil) 3k visits

45 videos

Vídeo amador


Man: 35y (Brazil) 1.1k visits

5 videos - 4 photos


Gay man: 25y (Venezuela) 9.3k visits

6 videos

Venezolano. Amistoso y tranquilo.


Gay man: 38y (Philippines) 2.2k visits

I am gay. A semi-discreet type, yes I am...but I can be naughty&wild as much as you'd want me to! =)

Lukas Usa

Man: 26y (USA) 4.2k visits

College student. DTF!! I really appreciate nice bodies. Chat with me and we can get a plan going. I am a real sucker for accents and foreigners. Y’all guys are pretty cool too.


Man: 45y (USA) 4.7k visits

5 videos - 10 favs - 4 photos

Just joined. Will fill in more later.


Gay man: 43y (USA) 12.7k visits

4 videos - 91 favs - 9 photos

Reach me on WWW.MeWe.com ScottiVegas or Email me at vegaspartyguys@gmail.com


Man: 48y (USA) 5.4k visits

323 favs - 5 photos

Confidence is sexy people!!! We don't have to be models to be sexy. We can't all be porn stars either. So be confident in yourselves and have fun with your lives!!! ? OK so, Hi there, my names John and I don't really see any reason to keep that a secret. I'm a 41 year old, attractive and clean, bi-sexual man. Thankfully, I was blessed (or cursed) with a big-dick. Not the biggest at the party, but in my experiences, rarely far from it. I truly believe this is the "largest" reason, (pun intended...lol), that I became such a highly sexual person. And perhaps or most likely a big part of the reason I've developed a love, and thirst, for big beautiful throbbing cock. Well, that and finding my dad's porn stash long before reaching the sink might have helped a little too, lol. Anyways, because of those two elements that I developed some really good skills at pleasing myself and pleasing others as well. I just did to people what I learned by watching all that porn, throwing in my own personal touch along the way, and well, it seems to have worked out. Because I have had a ton of sex in my life and I have absolutely no intention of slowing down now!! I'm single, I'm healthy, and I'm getting better looking every year....lol!!! Anyways, I love having hot, fun, exciting experiences with hot, fun, confident people, of all genders.........as it should be. So reach out and lets get to know each other. Maybe we can chat, or cam, and share some hot stories of fun times. Hell, maybe we we'll even meet up somewhere and create new stories to share with others. Or maybe meet them and make new stories..........see how that could keep going and going? :-) Hope we'll be chatting, or something, real soon!!!! Bye for now.


Man: 25y (Canada) 1.1k visits

5 videos - 62 photos


Man: 27y (New Zealand) 7.2k visits

1 video - 5 favs - 3 photos

Any pics and videos I post are of me


Man: 19y (Mexico) 4.8k visits

1 video - 7 photos

Soy un sumiso en busca de un amo que me haga su puta, me encanta que me humillen, que me ordenen y me denigren tratándome como la zorrita que soy. Si eres un macho activo por favor usame como tu depósito de semen personal uwu


Man: 36y (Italy) 15.3k visits

8 videos

hot and nasty bisex guy ready to film and play with you!!! Mail me: jules.vernes5666@gmail.com

Diogo Putaoo

Man: 24y (Brazil) 3.9k visits

6 videos


Man: 55y (USA) 1.2k visits

3 videos


Man: 45y (Brazil) 30.6k visits

4 videos - 12 favs - 11 photos

Cara ativo a procura de sexo. skype os videos são meus mesmo.


Gay man: 41y (Brazil) 7.2k visits

3 videos


Man: 33y (USA) 3.9k visits

3 videos

Live in tampa bay area always down to meet and have fun or Hmu to make a movie or interested in using me as a male star


Man: 54y (Australia) 29.5k visits

15 videos - 16 favs - 58 photos

Open for chat into just about every thing both genders and TS


Man: 29y (United Kingdom) 5.4k visits

7 videos - 31 photos


Man: 18y (USA) 1.7k visits

2 videos


Man: 48y (United Kingdom) 28.5k visits

16 videos - 45 photos

I NEED PUSSY OR A NICE HARD COCK SO BADLY. Hi I live in the UK near Sheffield and am Bi-sexual, I need a good session so badly. I love licking pussy and sucking hard cocks.I love the taste of a nice wet pussy and the feel of a nice hard cock in my mouth the taste is to die for and I love to swallow every last drop. Also I love a good anal too. Please get in touch, I would do absolutely anything and let you do the same to me, and I mean anything, I want a wet pussy or a nice cock. Come on there must be some guys or girls that need a good hard session, I know I do. Please Please get in touch


Man: 31y (China) 7.8k visits

5 videos


Gay man: 36y (Mexico) 7.8k visits

14 videos - 96 favs - 43 photos

Después Pondré Mi Whats . Soy Gay Versátil Activo y Pasivo o Hasta Rol Neutro


Man: 33y (Romania) 9.3k visits

6 videos


Man: 24y (Chile) 17.9k visits

30 favs

Morboso total, espero encontrar a alguien que comparta los mismos intereses y gustos, curioso y motivado a probar cosas nuevas. Fan del Spy y sexo incestuoso.


Man: 40y (United Kingdom) 6.4k visits

5 videos - 11 photos

I am BI I like everything, regardless of age age does not matter


Gay man: 21y (Colombia)

3 videos

Chico caliente, versátil, mente abierta, dispuesto a todo ????


Man: 43y (USA) 11.5k visits

23 videos - 27 favs - 87 photos

Hello beautiful people ? It's a pretty world! :D Since life is so short we must enjoy it! All about having fun and trying new things. Open minded, respectful, honest and a good listener. I am bisexual versatile like to get freaky...your pleasure is mine ? So let me know!


Gay man: 45y (Argentina) 2.8k visits

1 video - 5 photos

De CABA Colegiales, Atlético, conversador, pero esto no es un CV, vamos directo, me gustas, te gusto, y sin vueltas ...una caricia para tu cuerpo.Dejame mensaje en el chat para vernos.


Man: 37y (Czech Republic) 8.5k visits

10 videos - 103 favs - 43 photos

I wanna cum into your oiled hands

Edward Bear

Man: (United Kingdom) 4.6k visits

5 videos - 114 favs - 3 photos

Chat about wanking


Man: 33y (Poland) 32.7k visits

1,868 favs - 6 photos


Gay man: 25y (Venezuela) 8.7k visits

3 videos - 23 favs - 1 photo

me encantan bellos para sacarle su lechita, un baño para empaparme de agua y leche de hombre.


Man: 30y (Canada)

3 videos - 1 fav

I'm just an easy going guy that like's a lot of sex and if that get's me in trouble sometime's then so be it! You want that thunder, I'll bring you the lightning


Man: 38y (USA) 1.7k visits


Gay couple: 32y (USA) 21.6k visits

9 videos - 1 fav - 11 photos

Just a couple who like to have fun living wild and free if


Man: 54y (Mexico) 565k visits

15 videos - 1 fav - 10 photos

pareja madura que vive su sexualidad sin prejuicios ni remordimientos, nos gusta los intercambios pero no estamos cerrados a otras experiencias contacto pot twitter @nemesis67sw


Gay man: 35y (USA)

2 videos


Man: 18y (USA) 2.6k visits

4 videos

I Want Your Emeralds


Man: (USA)

2 videos

I am absolutely infatuated and crazy about small uncut cock the more foreskin you have the more I'm turned on I love putting a small cock in my mouth and feeling it pulsating and grow inside of me while I make it hard if you have any pics please friend me and send me your beautiful uncut dick pics


Man: 34y (USA)

1 video

Straight, but I’m open to anything. Nothing hotter than a girl in a tight tank top, busty rack, short shorts nice legs & no socks with pretty feet. Mhmmmm Would be down for mmf, I’d give & take from guy. Atleast try it once. Mhmm. Haven’t fucked in year. So horny. Any requests Hmu.

Afonso Pvh

Gay man: 22y (Brazil) 4.5k visits

2 videos


Gay man: 33y (Czech Republic) 11.6k visits

48 photos



Gay man: 42y (USA) 2.3k visits


Man: 36y (Colombia) 4.3k visits

10 videos

diviertete y visitame en OF.


Man: 33y (Dominican Republic) 14.3k visits

150 favs

. Mente abierta para todo lo que surja.


Man: (Costa Rica) 10.2k visits

4 videos - 19 favs - 40 photos

I want sex all the time, I don't care whether it may be with guys, girls or futanaris... All I want is to be used as a sex toy and I am open to have sex on the first date. Also I am open to sexting and desiring to send and receive. OK, now, I am open to accept most friendship proposals, but seriously, I don't want people sending me ads about any website disguised as a request. Be real or be no more.


Gay man: 49y (Mexico) 11.7k visits

2 videos

Bisexual Ass Lover

Man: 27y (USA) 1.8k visits

I’m into a lot of things, I’m bisexual, so guys, girls don’t be afraid to hit me up

Gay Furry Chick

Man: 21y (Mexico) 3.2k visits

3 videos

20 y/o Bi Furry femboy, I like to make people cum ;) Telegram: https://t.me/hornypuppyMXLI Twitter: @LunarFoxAD1


Man: 33y (Colombia) 3.8k visits

5 videos

Bisexual Amante de los besos Super rico dar y recibir Me encanta el sexo oral con chicas y chicos Sólo sexo con protección


Gay man: 22y (Brazil) 4.8k visits

8 favs - 4 photos

verst 18 anos buscando diversão sp zl


Man: 22y (Colombia) 15.8k visits

4 favs - 47 photos

Me encanta el morbo

Andy Tatuado Oficial

Man: 34y (Brazil)

3 videos


Man: 22y (Brazil) 1.6k visits

2 videos

Hey There! I’m Evan Neto, a Brazilian Boy. Here’s a List Of What You Can Find On My Chanel: Masturbation; Anal Sex; Threesome; Fingering; Dildo; Handjob; Orgasm; Double Penetration; Gangbang; Vibrator; Domination; Rough Sex; Dirty Talk; Submission.


Man: 31y (USA) 8.3k visits

3 videos - 7 favs - 6 photos

Bi chill brotha thats new to the XVideo world. Looking to make you cum from watching me do my thang. Love masturbation and edging. Subscribe and also follow me on Twitter @haus_of_blaq and lets make social media our best friend. Help me help you! Im an amateur. Comment and engage with me!


Man: 39y (USA) 3.2k visits

im 37 very open to life. Exploring my sexual life i owns my own and basically want to have fun.


Man: 28y (Vietnam) 23.3k visits

2 videos - 8 favs - 12 photos

mình là Top , ai muốn chat xxx hay làm tình thì kb vs mình theo twiter ở trên nha... khi add nhớ ghi là xvideos ha ! rat vui khi duoc lam quen voi moi người ! I am top, if u want chat with me , please contact with link twiter in above !!! https://twitter.com/NguyninhTrung6. zalo minh la 01693179733


Man: 27y (USA) 4.2k visits

8 photos

soy la mas grande fan de la pokephilia hentai y las panochas humedas, tambien de los bellos pies de una mujer con una buena panochas xxx


Gay man: 27y (Italy) 77.4k visits

16 videos

This is Antonio Ferrari Official , Roma Italy, entertainment, porn star and body building. Welcome to my personal sexual endeavors Thank you for subconscious and enjoy my porn world videos


Man: 67y (USA) 2.1k visits

Bi male into .eeting new friends and discovering new things


Man: 35y (Brazil) 7.1k visits



Man: 21y (Belgium)

11 videos

J'aime les gang bang J'aime beaucoup les orgy mixte le cuir et latex https://fr.xvideos.com/profiles/bearltx


Man: 33y (Congo, The Democratic Republic of the) 9.8k visits

13 videos - 7 favs - 137 photos

Elenpatro My favorite sex position 69 doggy style and sucking required to sex contact me


Man: 33y (Indonesia) 11.2k visits

282 favs


Man: 38y (USA) 2.8k visits

5 videos


Man: 28y (Europe) 1.3k visits

2 videos

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